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Connecting with 100eight is a brilliant move and what this means to us is that you are ready to redefine and realign your online identity and let your brilliance shine. We whole heartedly believe that the support of the right website serves as the MOST CRUCIAL TOOL for communicating, marketing, networking and building your business’s platform on a global level. Professionally speaking, your marketing material is your business’s first impression. Does it make them want to see more? If you want to portray success, you’ve got to show it.

Even for those of us that already have a business up and running, it should never become stagnant. In order for business to survive, it needs to grow and evolve and therefore it’s brand and online presence should support that intention. Upgrading your collateral and message portrays a thriving business.

The 100eight formula will guide you to:
→ Position yourself as the GO TO PROVIDER in your industry.
→ Convert casual web traffic into real buyers and subscribers.
→ Showcase your brand as a thriving business that offers real value.


A little about us offers over 20 years of creative professional solutions for your entire spectrum of marketing collateral. We specialize in branding and web design that caters to bringing entrepreneurs to the forefront of online success. First impressions matter. Let them judge you by your LOOKS.

Why we believe in our team
Each team member of was carefully selected because of the creative chemistry and collaborative support that we offer each other. With everyone being on the same page, each project is approached with synergy that streamlines the efforts, process, vision and results.

Way beyond a website
We recognize that behind each project are real people that are often on the brink of launching a new career or growing their business to the next level. This is big and goes way beyond simply building a website. In our lifetime, we spend more time working than most anything else. Presently your whole career path is unfolding in front of you and your decisions are pivotal in changing your entire life. A crucial component of this is surrounding yourself with people that provide support and encouragement and that includes our relationship with you. Our team is a valuable resource that goes far beyond a fancy logo. The spirit we put into our work is imprinted in every part and goes right back out to your audience. We open the lines of communication on all levels and cheer you on and together, we discover how to let your brilliance shine online.

Bedrock of your Business
Beneath the brilliant brand and beyond the killer collateral, the undercurrent of the 100eight process allows you to take a close look at your business concept and helps you shape what will become its reality. Our approach is a strategically structured technique that walks you through significant decisions and major moving parts that ultimately make up the backbone of your business and how it comes to life in your online brand. The value you walk away with is priceless… and you thought you were just getting a website. ‘HA’ we say.

Its all in the delivery
It’s one thing to be brilliant, it’s another to show it in your brand. You can say the same thing 100 (and eight) different ways, but there’s only one way that is the best for you. offers the expertise in discovering the most appropriate and impactful identity and delivery that resonates with you and your business on all levels.

so what do I GET?
Brilliant question. Our creative process will define a verbal and visual identity that can be effectively integrated within your business scope and all supportive collateral offered by 100eight, including:
· design (front end user interface design and layout)
· development (back end web coding and installment)
· branding and consultation
· online marketing and PR services and consultation
· social network set up and integration
· online newsletter and email blast campaign services
· print material (business cards/letterhead/postcards/banners)
· ecommerce set up, customization and integration
· mobile device layout adaptation and optimization
· blog set up and integration
· photography and videography
· package discounts
· media (video and/or photo gallery)
→ Please see the entire list of offerings

Contact us for a free 30 minute consultation about our BRANDED WEBSITES! Our team is looking forward to getting to know more about your project and how we can be a part of bringing it to life!

What’s next?
We are psyched to get to know more about you and your project and how we can be a part of bringing it to life. Connect with us and get ready to let the creative juices flow. Blow your own mind as the process unfolds in to a brilliant display of creativity, potential and momentum for even more.

Our Valuable Gift to You:
for becoming a part of the 100eight community and because clearly you are ready to take the right steps forward to become the business leader that you were meant to be:

100eight is where it starts. From there, the sky is the limit.