Sarah Nehamen
Branding Development/Marketing

Sarah Nehamen is an innovator and branding expert with a diverse background. Her most prized creation is a beauty product line, Peeka-Bu, that has been recognized in top media sources such as Oprah Magazine, The TODAY Show, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, ABC TV and won the MVP Beauty Award in Redbook Magazine. As an entrepreneur, Sarah learned the ins and outs of developing a brand from pencil sketches to prototypes, trade show displays and finally a licensing agreement that put her product on shelves at Bed, Bath & Beyond and large retailers online. Sarah is deeply grateful for all of it, even the ‘tough’ lessons along the way.

Previous to developing her own company, Sarah worked on advertising for national brands such as eBay, Jeep, Pepsi, Target and Teeen Magazine as well as for several small companies.

Beyond ‘doing the work,’ Sarah’s greatest passion is supporting others on their creative path and a pinpointed communication of their business. She prides herself on her ability to deeply listen to her clients and provide them clear solutions they are thrilled with. She also teaches yoga on Saturdays, paints in her free time and loves spending time in nature.

Sarah has a no-bs, silly and sweet personality. She thinks this mugshot is twisted, but she kind of likes it. (It was Nicole’s idea.)

Nicole Ulrick
Creative Lead, Senior Designer

Nicole is a professional in the industry of web design and online solutions and offers over 20 years of creative experience with high profile clients including NBC, Disney and Live Nation as well as several start ups and ventures. Her skill set includes expertise in the roles of: creative lead, branding, design, development, project producer, team management, client consultation and customer communications.

Nicole’s mottos in life are to strive for your best, keep it real, don’t settle, go for it, and that your intuition is your BFF. By finding your voice and purpose in life, magic can happen.

Nicole’s robust background has cultivated the understanding that a successful project requires more than just having a great idea. It involves examining the overall goal, target audience, industry trends, usability and therefore the most appropriate and intuitive solution for successful results.

Nicole continues to offer support and encouragement for everyone to do the same, which allows her to be the cheerleader she never got to be in high school (she doesn’t do pigtails). She literally gets excited when witnessing a person taking the leap to embrace their passion and she offers the support system that everyone deserves.

100eight is a manifestation of this belief system and will offer you the experience of bringing your vision, ideas and dreams in to reality.

go team.

Adam Safran
Internet Application Architect and Developer

Adam has been an Internet application architect and developer since 1997. He has played critical roles in the development of many large-scale, web-based applications for the City of Los Angeles, Fox Broadcasting, Warner Bros. International Television,, the Los Angeles Police Department, the Jewish Community Foundation of LA, California Police Activity League (CalPAL), and In2Nutrition. Adam’s experience includes more than a decade with Windows and Linux server environments administering Apache and IIS web servers and has extensive experience programming in PHP, PERL, ColdFusion and ASP with database programming and administration in MySQL, MS SQL, Postgres and Oracle.

Nathan Donahoe
Social Media Super Hero

While originally a private health chef in Malibu (, Nathan became a guerrilla marketer, social media coordinator and internet researcher after his mom’s best friend saved him for an existential mid-life crisis. As it turns out, he is quite gifted at getting information from the internet and promoting 100eight clients to the rest of the world through conventional and unconventional tactics.

Nathan thinks outside the box and works from his heart 100% of the time. Fueled by a unique combination of ethics and passion, Nathan loves to see clients succeed and will stop at nothing to get them the recognition they deserve! He surfs every morning at 6 am with dolphins at the Venice Pier, check out his Merman videos at

Cregan Montague
SEO Account Manager

Increase your website traffic with organic search engine optimization (SEO) Organic SEO refers to the non-paid results that show up on a search engine when you type in a specific keyword phrase. We focus on “white-hat,” personalized and creative website optimization that increases search engine rankings and converts into new business. We personally spend as much time as it takes with each website, combining creative thinking with every technical step of the optimization process: including keyword research, site and market analysis, website code clean-ups, website redesigns, off-site link building, search engine submissions and monthly reporting. Since the world of search engine optimization can seem very ethereal and ever-changing, we talk with you personally about your website, your goals and expectations, and how SEO can be the magnet that brings it all together.

Jennifer Dickens
PR and Business Coaching

Jennifer Dickens has a successful twenty year career in sales and marketing. Through continually exceeding revenue goal objectives in prior roles, Jennifer developed and refined a valuable skill set to assist organizations in increasing sales and to successfully market in highly competitive environments. Jennifer Dickens scope of expertise includes: Business Plan Development and Success Coaching, Public Relations, Integrated Marketing Plan Development, Budget Development, and Implementation.

Jolie Kinga
Photograper, Cinematographer

Swedish photographer Jolie Kinga started her photography career while living in the heart of London and surrounding herself with the fashion and art industries.

Relocating to New York, Jolie continued to explore her own vision and photography. Over 10 years later, she has worked with multiple renowned photographers as well as high end NYC agencies including I-group and Artists & Creatives and production house Ride.

Mastering her understanding of the art and industry of photography, Jolie has come full circle to realize that your vision is the most profound quality you can make uniquely your own.

Now a local of both New York and Los Angeles, Jolie is working on several video productions in addition to her photography where she uses a touch of cinematic movement to bring out the energy in her work .