New to 100eight?

New to 100eight?

Welcome.. it’s about time we met, that is if you are looking to take charge of your career and go pro.

Our entire philosophy is built upon the belief that everyone deserves a career that is meaningful and fulfilling. Our main objective is to give you what you need to make this happen.

Which is why 100eight has some BIG NEWS…


We’ve listened and have heard you loud and clear and have decided to give you EXACTLY what you want…

Go Pro - The Ultimate Start Up Kit

The Ultimate StartUp Kit

That’s right. THE ULTIMATE.

We don’t throw that word around lightly.

This program is the result of EXTENSIVE hands-on case studies, thorough research of current and timeless resources, influential marketing trends and proven business leaders. We’ve done all of the work for you and have carefully selected and triple tested everything in order to confidentially offer you THE MOST COMPLETE PACKAGE for launching your own POWER PACKED BUSINESS.

We have been in business for over 20 years for a reason.

Our method walks you through the major moving parts that ultimately shape the backbone of your business and how it comes to life in the most effective way possible.


Phase 1 – Official Kickoff
Ramp up and Rollout Your Dream Career
An in-depth evaluation and clarification of exactly what you want to accomplish and getting you in the right mindset to achieve it. 100eight’s Official Kickoff is about stepping back with a wide lens to examine the end goal and to map out best the way the get there. We help you THINK IT OUT with industry research, creative collaboration and a step-by-step strategy in order to capture a unique and successful position for you. The result of this phase is a constructive curriculum broken down into step-by-step actions in a realistic time line.

Phase 2 – Communication that Converts
Defining your Brand and Delivering your Message
Are you ready for your mind to be blown? That’s what will happen once you become aware of the power of communication. This is where your business either survives or dies. Wrap your brain around effective communication and you are already in the winning league. This phase is about shaping your content to be extremely effective in driving your message home to your ideal prospect in the most effective way with the inevitable result of a dedicated client.

Phase 3 – Online Powerhouse
A World Class Website and Premium Social Media Package
Now that we have defined your goal and how to say it, it’s time to get the word out. Here there’s no turning back as we introduce you as a leader in your industry. Your brand and message come to life in a visually interactive online identity that

  • raises awareness and showcases your authority
  • lets you stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • creates an instant impression of professionalism and credibility
  • builds trust and establishes relationships with your audience
  • WORKS FOR YOU by effectively capturing business leads and converting them to official clients

Phase 4 – Walk The Talk
Marketing, Relationship Building and Future Growth
You are up and running and have an impressive brand on the market. You must make your audience aware and help them find you with an ongoing non-negotiable marketing plan. Marketing and networking can make or break the success of your business but can be quite simple with a practical plan that guides you to be committed and disciplined, comfortable and confident, persuasive and authentic in all of your interactions.

Phase 5 – Booster Bundle
Supplemental Resources, Valuable Referrals and Review Sessions
Touch base and tune-up during our weekly check-ins when we regroup and revisit the progress, review milestones and evaluate the results. Support, guidance, recommendations, resources, tips, tools, examples and expertise to equip you with a turbocharged toolkit.

Bedrock of your BusinessBeneath the brilliant brand and beyond the killer collateral, the undercurrent of the 100eight process is a strategically structured technique that walks you through significant decisions and major moving parts that ultimately make up the backbone of your business and how it comes to life in your online brand. The value you walk away with is priceless… and you thought you were just getting a website. ‘HA’ we say.

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bschool_testi_stephanie“Unlike Any Other!” I hired 100eight to overhaul my website with branding, design and improved functionality. The end result was very much of a modern and creative upgrade and unlike any other NYC catering company’s website. Shortly after launch I already received many compliments from prospective clients.” – Amy A NYC

Build Your Own Personalized Packages

100eight custom designed packages

Its all in the delivery
It’s one thing to be brilliant, it’s another to show it in your brand. You can say the same thing 100 (and eight) different ways, but there’s only one way that is the best for you. 100eight offers expertise in discovering the most appropriate and impactful identity and delivery that resonates with you and your business on all levels. If you are not sure what you need, we can help you decide which plan is right for you.

Branding Coaching and Creative Content Consultation

If your vision or concept is not clear yet, we can help you. This plan is a collaboration that deconstructs and reconstructs your business goals by mapping out a multidimensional plan to WORK FOR YOU.

Our strategy is a hands-on method to get clarity on what to offer and who to offer it to before making bold business moves. It entails innovative thinking, realistic goal-setting, industry research, target market case studies, effective messaging, communication coaching and creative collaboration in order to establish the best visual and verbal solution your brand.

We help you THINK IT OUT.


  • A constructive curriculum that maps out the overall goals and how it breaks down in to step-by-step actions in a realistic time line.
  • 100eight will walk you through a series of important ‘branding discovery’ questions and criteria that will establish the branding baseline and provide crucial information and material for the next steps.
  • Brand Overview Statement which is a foundational piece for defining and communicating your message. This is a key building block for all of your marketing collateral, business communications and networking correspondence.
  • Your ‘Elevator Pitch’. A short paragraph about the brand to be utilized during real life interaction so that your delivery is clear, concise and confident.
  • Creative communication and content coaching that guides you to convey who you are, what you offer and why you are an exceptional leader in your industry .. all in a compelling and convincing delivery.
  • Supplemental Development Tools and Resources, in particular our ‘100eight Branding and Website Development Kit’, a very POWERFUL tool that will help shape your content to be extremely effective in driving your message home and seeing real results.
  • Regular and consistent pre-planned sessions to examine the progress, review milestones and evaluate the results.
  • Support, guidance, assistance, instruction, tips, tools, recommendations, professional experience and expertise and supplemental resources to enhance the experience and outcome of this exciting collaboration.

World-Class WordPress Website

Your brand will come to life in a visually interactive website that is professional, user friendly and is specifically catered towards your business needs. Research has proven that investing your own customized branded website is the MOST CRUCIAL TOOL for communicating, marketing and building your business’s platform on a global level. Professionally speaking, your website is your business’s first impression. Does it make them want to see more? Just as the LAW OF ATTRACTION says, if you want to portray success, you’ve got to show it.


100eight will develop a customized wordpress website that will allow you to conveniently access and update all content and will let your platform easily evolve to the next level as your business grows. This features a robust list of benefits including:

  • Cutting edge usability, responsiveness and interaction for viewers on all platforms
  • Customization of front end layout, backend coding and style sheet development and testing
  • Design and development of all pages including home, about, products/services, blog, contact and more
  • Improved conversion of casual web traffic into real buyers and subscribers
  • Reliable technology and web standards therefore eliminating any need to rebuild your website in the future
  • The ability to easily explore and integrate a multitude of enhancements, features and functionality
  • A reliable and convenient solution for managing and storing content and media
  • Increase of marketing, networking and promotional exposure
  • Ease of social network integration and syncing therefore showcasing a cohesive online brand that WORKS FOR YOU

Are you right for a 100eight World-Class WordPress Website?

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Are you looking to differentiate your brand from your competitors?
  • Is your goal to position yourself as the GO TO PROVIDER in your industry?
  • Do you want to showcase your brand as a thriving business that offers real value?
  • Are you targeting a high end clientele that expects to see something unique, professional and impressive?

Your answer is YES.
You are ready to BE A BUSINESS LEADER

Logo Design and Development

A full-fledged professional logo will be developed to visually establish and support your business brand. This essential branding element will establish a cornerstone for your business that will be a crucial component for any and all collateral, advertisements and promotional material. The goal is to create a unique mark that can both offer flexibility and adaptation for future growth, yet remain recognizable and consistent with the brand’s foundation.

Professional Branded Photo Shoot Session

In today’s competitive world where the average attention span is 3 seconds, visuals are key in capturing and holding interest. Moreso, being introduced to the person or team behind the brand is a critical way to connect and engage with your audience. Professionally branded photography can effectively communicate your business’s message and personality. This asset completes your brand and is worth it’s pixels in gold.

Social Media Start Up

100eight Social Media Start Up will place your brand on the most pertinent, relevant and high-profile social media channels with targeted marketing strategies for your industry and audience, with the goal of increasing online traffic and amplifying networking and promotional exposure. We set the foundation for continued social media growth as your online business platform evolves.

bschool_testi_stephanie“Stunning State-of-the-art Site” 100eight not only brought my website out of the last century, they created a stunning state-of-the-art site that presents who I really am and what I do in a way that was even better than I imagined myself! I know this will make a huge difference in my business and the people that I reach and teach.” – Chef Silvia NYC

Got Goose Bumps Yet?


  • How bad do you want it?
  • Are you ready to TEAR OUT OF THE BOX and finally go pro?
  • How much does it mean to you?
  • Are you ready to hop in to the drivers seat?
  • Can you take ownership of your life’s work?
  • Do you want to succeed as badly as you need to breathe?

Being an Entrepreneur is a state of mind and becomes part of your DNA as you witness your life work manifest in to your very own work of art.

“Keep your eyes on the prize .. the end goal .. and in your pursuit, always remember the ‘why’ .. this is the focus and the fuel along the way”
– Tony Robbins

people who settle for less than they are worth
people who misunderstand fear as a show stopper

an open mind

We recognize that behind each project are real people that are often on the brink of launching a new career or growing their business to the next level. This is big and goes way beyond simply building a website. In our lifetime, we spend more time working than most anything else. Presently your whole career path is unfolding in front of you and your decisions are pivotal in changing your entire life. A crucial component of this is surrounding yourself with people that provide skill, support and encouragement and that includes our relationship with you. Our team is a valuable resource that goes far beyond a fancy logo. The spirit we put into our work is imprinted in every part and goes right back out to your audience. We open the lines of communication on all levels and together we discover how to let your brilliance shine online.

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bschool_testi_stephanie“Inviting and Beautifully Interactive” transformed my website into an inviting and beautiful interactive place. Most of my business comes from internet marketing and people constantly complement my website. They listened to what I needed and delivered exactly what I wanted.” – Stephanie R Los Angeles

A note from team 100eight

Dear Business Leaders ~
Congratulations for stepping up and launching your own business! This is a bold move that can dramatically change your life. We have seen this happen for so many of our clients and being a part of the experience is truly rewarding. We get it, WE ARE THE REAL DEAL and our team is ready to see it through with you. 100eight is where it starts. From there, the sky is the limit.