I can’t praise 100eight enough..

100eight is one of the most creative and effective teams I have encountered. They have transformed my website into effective source of commerce. They are the first I recommend to all my business colleagues.
– Gary Small, Director, UCLA Longevity Center for Neuroscience & Human Behavior

Stunning State-of-the-art Site

100eight not only brought my website out of the last century, they created a stunning state-of-the-art site that presents who I really am and what I do in a way that was even better than I imagined myself! I know this will make a huge difference in my business and the people that I reach and teach.
– Silvia B., cooking coach, recipe developer

Unlike Any Other!

I hired 100eight to overhaul my website with branding, design and improved functionality. The end result was very much of an upgrade. It is unlike any other NYC catering company’s website. It’s been just a couple of weeks since it was completed, and I’ve already received many compliments from prospective clients.
– Amy A., Sweet Basil Catering

Inviting and Beautifully Interactive

100eight.com transformed my website into an inviting and beautiful interactive place. Most of my business comes from internet marketing and I’m so pleased with the result. People constantly complement my website. “It’s just like you!” they say. I recommend their work without hesitation.
– Stephanie R.

Creative and Innovative

100eight is creative, innovative and know their stuff! They make recommendations but do not impose them on you, which is really refreshing. They are a pleasure to work with, kind, patient and passionate. My website has now joined the 21st century!
– Shirley I., Ph.D

I give 100eight an A+!

Since 100eight set up my website, colleagues and patients have the opportunity to get to know me before they call. I have received numerous referrals since launching my website. Nicole is caring, warm and most importantly, professional. I give 100eight an A+!
– Jenny Gruska, Doctoral Candidate at Walden University
Jenny Gruska

A Visual Masterpiece

I had an idea of what I might want but no definitive direction. 100eight listened to my likes and dislikes and within days, took my vision and turned it into a visual masterpiece. My logo looks fabulous. I totally trust their visual expertise and creativity and would happily refer them with total confidence.
– Megan Garret

I get pure joy browsing the site

100eight and I go way back. Their work gave me the foundation for everything that followed. I always recommend them to inquisitive minds. It was critical that my company’s site be a visual representation of the quality of our customer service as well as a tribute to the designer – and my late grandmother – Eva Zeisel. I get pure joy browsing the site because 100eight didn’t just create a website; they gave me a place to visit with grandma.
– Adam Zeisel

It was a delight!

When 100eight developed our website it was a delight and done in a timely manner! I was amazed that I could be taken through the process with everything explained. We are getting lots of hits. As our business expands, I know that I can count on them. I would recommend 100eight to anyone looking for website design.
– TauMark Team

Gets the Job Done!

I knew I was going to need a strong web platform for my new media venture. I was fortunate to have 100eight to help me with this. First, Sarah helped me tremendously to nail down the concept and approach. Then, Nicole designed a site that looks professional and gets the job done. I was very pleased with their work.
– Jens Gould

An Innovative and Artistic Approach

I can endorse 100eight on various levels of exceptional services. 100eight has an innovative and artistic approach that invigorates all of our promotions. They can take the most vague or outlandish request and transform it into a clean and appropriate solution.
– Kendall Dill
Community Organizer at Craig N’ Co

Marketing Made Fun!

100eight made marketing and promotion fun and easy. They helped me to identify my perfect customer and equipped me with the right tools to appeal to my target audience. It was wonderful working with them!!
– Eryn Lummerding

100eight = Amazing Results

I worked with 100eight & as well as seen some of my clients work with them for a complete online overhaul and have seen amazing professional results. Whenever I am looking to expand my online presence not only do they help create the right look, they also helped me navigate through many questions that come up as my business expands.
– jolie kinga, JKfocus