Small Business, Big Payment – what’s your Point of Sale?

April 23, 2012 under blogs

Small Business, Big Payment – what’s your Point of Sale?

The easier it is for your customers to pay, the happier they’ll be – and a happy customer often returns! Learn more about Point-of-Sale from Square.

If you run a product based retail business, cultivating a great relationship with your customers means giving their sale experience that elusive “wow” factor.
It sounds surprising, but by carefully choosing the right point-of-sale (POS) system, you can engage with them very efficiently and your business will begin to build its own community and brand. How? Try these four top tips and reap the rewards.

1. Don’t get stuck
So often in traditional stores, a qualified salesperson with very detailed product knowledge might not be be able to help customers find what they’re looking for – because they’re stuck behind a cash register.
To help break that barrier, take your POS on the move! Square allows salespeople to wander around the store, and easily interact with customers. It’s much more personal and engaging, and it creates the kind of easy, fun shopping experience that customers are much more likely to remember – and repeat.

2. Think Green
The travel industry kick started this trend with paperless tickets, and now it’s retail’s turn to catch up. Being mindful of your waste as a business is not only great for the environment, it also saves you money. Why not remove paper receipts, and email or text them instead? This way, keeping track of sales is paperless (and painless!) for you, and your customer won’t lose their receipt.

3. Up-to-date Technology
Whether positively or negatively, the technology you use reflects upon your brand. Savvy customers will always see you as cutting edge if you’re early adopters of new technology – plus, never under estimate the “wow” factor of the new. Square allows customers to use their iPhone or iPad, so they’ll be instantly impressed at such seamless integration. Many such devices also allow you to add a note and picture of the product to the receipt, so your customer can view it weeks after they’ve made a purchase. It’s great way for your customer to remember your business.
Not only should your POS wow your customers though, it should also help you run your business. Make sure you choose software that comes with a tracking feature so you can capture your daily sales, your business’s most popular product, and any tips collected throughout the day.

4. Know Your Costs
As a small business, you should be aware of every cost associated with running your company. When it comes to POS systems, there can be hidden costs and monthly fees – even the hardware can cost thousands of dollars. The costs associated with your POS system should be easily spelled out for you; you should never be combing through a 10 page bill trying to match up numbers. It’s worth keeping this in mind when choosing the right POS for your business.

Square is an innovative mobile POS device which enables retailers to accept credit cards with just a phone or tablet.

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