Does your ONLINE BRAND get you to where you want to go?

March 7, 2014 under blogs, Branding, Websites

Every time I speak to a group of entrepreneurs, I ask the following question..
“Who has an amazing business you are passionate about?” Every proud hand in the room goes up…

“Who has a website that does justice to your incredible service or product?” 90% of hands go down.
Most people say they have a website that they either made themselves, asked a friend to do, or bribed one of their teenaged children to throw together for them. Maybe they think, whew, that’s done.. or hey, I did it myself.. go me!

But then what happens when they grow smarter, savvier and more up to date with the reality of running a business and they suddenly realize that they are needing that website to truly represent a professional legit business?? or worse, NOTHING happens because their MOST IMPORTANT piece of branding collateral.. their homemade website, is not working for them and no one is taking their business seriously? ouch. fail.

We like to relate this to the experience of buying a car. When you are a teenager or just starting off in your career, perhaps you simply need something that will get you from A to B. You might purchase a Pinto or a Corolla. WOO HOO.. wheels! Then later, you earn some more money and have goals of taking more trips or making room for a family. It’s clear that the Pinto is not going to cut it. You might want more luxury to feel comfortable traveling, performance to have some ‘fun’, style to feel sexy, or space to accommodate more people. It’s an investment that opens up many possibilities in your life.

The same is true for a website. You have the choice of selecting from a range of options. You can choose a Pinto or a Bentley or anything in between .. and just like a car, your choice WILL affect where you go and how you get there. There is a wide range of performance, appearance and functionality choices when it comes to your online presence.

When considering what to do, think about WHO you are appealing to and WHERE you are going… do you think your clients would prefer to hop a ride to their destination in your pinto or if you pulled up in a slick BMW, maybe they would feel a bit pampered, luxurious and confident cruising around with comfort and style. Remember, for better or worse, FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER. You’ve got only 3 SECONDS to connect with them or else they cruise on my friend.

Take a moment to literally compare your business to a car.. and before creating a new website or getting stuck on the side of the road in your old site, consider the crowd you are cruising with. What type of wheels do you want to roll up in? We think you deserve something that LOOKS as spectacular as your business strives to be.

100eight Branded Websites is where it starts. From there, the sky is the limit.

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