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April 30, 2013 under blogs

Fascinated by inspiration in every type of business, Erik Michielsen from Capture Your Flag examines the inspiration and creativity behind small business.

Fascinated by inspiration in every type of business, Erik Michielsen from Capture Your Flag started a company in late 2008 that examines the inspiration and creativity behind small business.

He describes Capture Your Flag as a site and show that “aspires to seek out, interview, and share perspectives, ideas, and dreams of up-and-coming talent across industries to inform and inspire – so each day we may all wake up more excited to play the game of life and career.”

Phew. Now that’s a mission statement.

Capture Your Flag has quite a different format, can you explain a little more about how it works?

Video interviews are segmented by question into 1-2 minute clips organized by 100 common themes shaping uncommon leaders channeling passion into fulfilling, purposeful pursuits. Viewers launch into a theme and learn how assorted interviewees, operating across all industries, are empowered by a common element.

The result is, to date, a fast growing 500+ video library, geared toward early to mid career professionals seeking insight and inspiration on what and how common elements inform why tomorrow’s leaders do what they do. Too often leaders are interviewed at their peak – I wanted to give greater voice to those on the rise – I wanted to interview tomorrow‚Äôs leaders… today.

Do you have any videos from Capture Your Flag that might inspire readers of the MOO Blog?
MOO and its community inspire me with their passion and creativity, and “Inspiration” is one of 100 Capture Your Flag themes. Here are three interview segments from a stand-up comedian, a non-profit founder, and a food author and blogger, each uncovering inspiration in their stories:

Stand-Up comedian Matt Ruby …how master stand-up Louis CK inspires comedians
Non-profit founder Louise Davis …finding inspiration in childhood friends dying of AIDS
Food author and blogger Cathy Erway …would the great food authors be bloggers today?

And finally… The site has quite a unique name – what was your inspiration?
The catch phrase “Choose Your Theme, Build Your Team, and Capture Your Flag”, reflects on my childhood, always bringing together others in the neighborhood to play. I have continued building teams in my professional career and now see an opportunity to use the 100 theme framework to help others discover many individuals just like them whose stories can instruct and guide them to live happier.

more at moo..


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