“[Prediction of what to expect] x
[emotional power of that expectation] = a brand.”
– Seth Godin

Branding is the single message you give to your customers on a verbal, visual, intuitive, informative and emotional level. Every element of the way you present your brand, from the logo design, colors and words contribute to what you are in the business world and the influence you create. Even though different brands may offer similar services, your brand must be so unique that your perfect prospects resonate with it on every level.

We love Seth Godin’s equation because it flawlessly states exactly what a great brand does.

1) Tells your customer what you are. Branding is not an ‘inner circle’ conversation. It’s a universal language understandable to all.

2) Creates a POWERFUL emotional feeling. This is where our branding process comes into play. We take into account all aspects of your business and develop an identity that speaks directly to your target audience. It’s no secret that peoples’ emotions are what drives us to act and when the right emotion is triggered, they are in!

During our initial consultation, we gather all we need to know and put the creative pedal to the metal.

Then we take you through our unique branding process that covers your target market, visual style and your message. We start from the ground up and develop a base note that extends into all components of your collateral. If you already have a look and need a tune-up, our branding process can help you boost and boast your brilliance even more.

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