Procrastination Nation

May 12, 2013 under blogs

The internet is full of endless excuses to procrastinate. In order to help you stay focussed, the team…

Capture your creativity

April 30, 2013 under blogs

Fascinated by inspiration in every type of business, Erik Michielsen from Capture Your Flag examines the inspiration and…

Imagine it, make it, sell it online!

April 5, 2013 under blogs

Our creative and crafty friends at DaWanda know a thing or two about selling online, and they’ve shared…

Finding your voice when writing for Web

April 4, 2013 under blogs

How a web-writer approaches their audience depends very much on how much they know their readers, but there…

How to uplan your business

March 28, 2013 under blogs

If you’re looking to take your business idea to market quickly and most effectively, try “unplanning” your business….

Build up your client base

March 2, 2013 under blogs

Starting a business is only the start – building and expanding a strong client base is the next,…

Overcoming the Obstacles to Making Ideas Happen

February 26, 2013 under blogs

As creative thinkers we often have so many great ideas, but most of them never see the light…

Freelance Advice

February 2, 2013 under blogs

Leading marketplace has developed some useful tips on best practice, and the things to avoid when entering…

10 easy ways to spark creativity

January 29, 2013 under blogs

Don’t just sit around waiting for creativity to strike! If you’re feeling uninspired, there are lots of ways…

Evaluate your Business Idea

January 3, 2013 under blogs

Everything starts with a simple idea. By now, you’ve probably got a great idea for a new business,…