We are a creative force of high end talent that believes in a human-centric approach and a holistic style for bold self-starters who are ready to go pro.
Being an entrepreneur is a state of mind
Experience your life work manifest in to your very own work of art. We help you navigate where to start, where you’re going and how to get there.

If your work makes a difference in the world, then the world needs to know. 100eight believes in enhancing people’s lives rather than just demanding their attention.

YOU believe in your business and know that to do this the right way, you have to be all in, heart and soul and are ready to go pro. You’re excited and motivated by the possibilities ahead and insist on surrounding yourself with the right team that wants to see it through with you.. that’s us.

WE are utterly addicted to your enthusiastic vision, your contagious passion and your commitment to make it happen. We want to share your story so that it translates into real-life value and meaningful relationships with your audience.